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Time To Reflect

Back home once again, I began to consider these people. 

I felt for Klara.

According to what I had read, her marriage to Alois was more or less arranged – and was at least semi-incestuous. She had then born him three children, not one of which had lived to celebrate its third birthday – the last had died within days.

And with relations between Alois and the two children he had from a previous marriage being somewhat strained, it was easy to see how important a new family was to him.

So when Gustav, Ida and Otto all died, he undoubtedly made their mother’s life a living hell. And now she had presented him with a fourth child…

Thus one cannot imagine the torment Klara had endured, for it to have resulted in the death of her baby concerning her less than the thought of what Alois would do to her when he discovered it had happened on her watch.

However, I could not concern myself with that. My problem was how to rid the world of its greatest-ever tyrant. Klara and her family were only a handful of people. My evening with Ed 8 had resulted in the deaths of millions. And Stalin was wrong – they were not  just a statistic.

There was only one solution to the problem – I had to take out all of the Hitlers…